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The Boston Company, Massachusetts

The Boston Company Collection - Overcast

Overcast, 1981   grey chalk on grey paper 19 x 25 inches

The Boston Company Collection Night Fog

Night Fog, 1981   grey chalk on grey paper 19 x 25 inches

The Glen C. Janss Collection, Idaho

The Glen C. Janss Collection - Snow

Snow, 1982   grey chalk on grey paper 25 x 19 inches

I.N.A. Corporation, Pennsylvania

I.N.A. Corporation Collection - Rooftop from L Street

Rooftop from L Street, 1977   graphite on paper 16 x 21 inches

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Lloyd Goldsmith featured art work for the MoMA 2007 Appointment Calendar.

View in Brooklyn   graphite on paper 14¾ x 19¾ inches
Train Trestle on 4th Avenue

The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library Collection - Eastside Twilight

Eastside Twilight, 1996   lithograph 11¼ x 16¼ inches

The New York Public Library - The Great Lawn, Central Park

The Great Lawn, Central Park, 1996   softground and aquatint 8 x 16¼ inches

R.C.A., New York

R.C.A Collection - Night View

Night View, 1977   graphite on paper 21 x 28 inches

Stephens Incorporated, Arkansas

Stephens Incorporated - Battery

Battery, 1976   graphite on paper 8 x 9¾ inches

Tishman-Speyer, New York

Tishman-Speyer - River View

River View, 1978   graphite on paper 17¼ x 22 inches

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